ABDGN in Action
Canadian Institutes for Health Research (CIHR) funds ABDGN Diaspora Declaration Project

We are pleased to announce that the ABDGN proposal “Building the Bridge(s) – The Diaspora Declaration: Development of a Global HIV/AIDS Framework and Agenda” ¬†received funding from CIHR in December 2013.

This project brings together Canadian and international researchers, community members, advocates and programmatic specialists together to support the development of an HIV Diaspora Declaration (DD) for African/Black migrant and Diaspora populations.

The DD aims to galvanize policy, advocacy, research and service delivery actions and recommendations to support a coordinated global response to migration, HIV, health equity and human rights. . The DD hopes to foster coordinated, evidence-based approaches to addressing HIV/AIDS epidemics that have emerged in populations from HIV-endemic countries of Africa and the Caribbean living in the global North including Canada, United States, Latin America, the Caribbean, the United Kingdom, and across Western Europe.

Project updates, tools and resources, and AIDS 2014 engagement opportunities to launch the Diaspora Declaration will be available throughout 2014.