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We are proud to introduce hivandmigration.com A new web resource that highlights migration and HIV in 8 countries: Australia, Canada, France, Jamaica, Spain, Sweden, United Kingdom and United States. Each country profile tells the story of migration and HIV with engaging, and often surprising information and epidemiological data on migrant and other key affected populations, policy impacts and coordinated HIV responses.
The impacts on African/Black migrants in these countries are also highlighted to illustrate the disproportionate impacts HIV often has across migrants from around the world. Our aim is to generate knowledge exchange and build a base of credible, interactive and innovative resources on HIV and migration as a catalyst for collaboration, community mobilization, advocacy and global policy change.
We thank The Robert Carr Network FundThe Global Fund, and The Consortium of MSM & Transgender Networks led by the Global Forum on MSM & HIV for investing in this first series of profiles that address critical knowledge gaps in migration and HIV.
Explore the website, share the link with your communities and tell us your experience by clicking on the comment box at the bottom of the webpage and tweet us @kwakuABDGN #hivandmigration. We would love to expand this resource and add additional countries so please let us know what you think!
Let’s take this journey together. No visas required.


The consensus statement on risk of sexual transmission of HIV from a person living with HIV who has an undetectable viral load is a game changer in how we understand and address HIV risk and transmission amongst key populations within the African and Black Diaspora. Now more then ever, knowing your status, starting treatment, and having community and structural factors that support treatment adherence are essential.

The Prevention Access Campaign collaborates with nonprofits, government agencies, and HIV prevention advocates who share the common goals to end HIV transmissions and HIV related stigma by empowering people with accurate and meaningful information.  

CLICK here to read the consensus statement

CLICK here to learn more about the U=U campaign


New report entitled “Callous, Cold and Deliberately Duplicitous”: Racialization, Immigration and the Representation of HIV Criminalization in Canadian Mainstream Newspapers”  by lead author Eric Mykhalovskiy from York University in Toronto Canada explores mainstream Canadian newspaper coverage of HIV non-disclosure criminal cases in Canada.

This comprehensive review provides evidence for the disproportionate impacts of HIV non-disclosure criminal cases in Canada amongst Black diaspora/migrant/refugee communities.

Key highlights include:

  • 68%of newspaper articles focused on racilaized defendants
  • 20% of men faced with charges for HIV non-disclosure were Black but accounted for 62% of news articles
  • 18% of defendants were immigrants or refugees but accounted for 62% of news articles

CLICK HERE to download the report!

SIGN THE PETITION-UN Women need to meaningfully engage with sex workers!

Please sign and share the Global Network of Sex Work Projects’ Petition. NSWP and their partners are petitioning UN Women to engage in a meaningful consultation with sex workers as they develop their policy on sex work.

ABDGN supports this initiative as the voices of sex workers from migrant and Black diaspora populations are even further marginalized and excluded from global dialogues and consultations on policy issues. Sign the petition and let UN Women know the voices from our communities matter!

CLICK HERE to read the joint statement on behalf of 86 sex worker, women’s rights and human rights organizations on the UN Women consultation.

Human Rights Must Come First!

Civil Society Advocacy and Mobilization Continues Post UN Political Declaration on HIV Outcome

The Global Network of Sex Work Projects (NSWP), The Global Network of Trans Women and HIV (IRGT), Global Action for Trans Equality (GATE),  and MSMGF (The Global Forum on MSM & HIV) together with the Global Platform to Fast-Track the HIV and Human Rights Responses Among Gay and Bisexual Men and Other Men Who Have Sex with Men (The Platform) with the support of over 80 civil society networks mobilize to disseminate The Global Civil Society Organization (CSO) Declaration to End HIV

The CSO Declaration is the outcome of an unprecedented civil society-led global advocacy consultation and engagement process to provide a unified voice on why the exclusion of key populations in the UN Political Declaration is a threat to ending the epidemic.

Read both declarations and share your insights on key actions for African and Black Diaspora civil society with ABDGN!

ABDGN Stands for #zerodiscrimination

March 1st is Zero Discrimination day, celebrated by the United Nations since 2014, following the launch of the UNAIDS Zero Discrimination campaign on December 1 2013.  This day acknowledges everyone’s right to live a full life with dignity regardless of age, gender, sexuality, nationality, ethnicity, skin color, education, faith and beliefs. Read More

2016 African Black Diaspora Global Network Financial support for this initiative was made available by Core Funding - 2013153 from the Consortium of MSM and Transgender Networks by the Robert Carr civil society Networks Fund