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ABDGN Stands for #zerodiscrimination

March 1st is Zero Discrimination day, celebrated by the United Nations since 2014, following the launch of the UNAIDS Zero Discrimination campaign on December 1 2013.  This day acknowledges everyone’s right to live a full life with dignity regardless of age, gender, sexuality, nationality, ethnicity, skin color, education, faith and beliefs.

In the context of African and Black Diaspora and migrant populations, HIV/AIDS vulnerabilities are further impacted when we consider the intersecting ‘triad of discrimination’ many ABD populations face:

  • Discrimination based on HIV status (including criminalization of HIV transmission);
  • Discrimination based on ethnicity (institutional and structural racism);
  • Discrimination based on migrant status (including immigration laws, detention and deportation policies, refugee and asylum conditions, rights for undocumented migrants).

This triad creates multiple opportunities for human rights abuses, decreases access to health care services and treatments, and marginalizes individuals and communities. When sexual diversities are also considered, the discrimination triad experiences for Black MSM and transgender populations can be even more severe.

With inadequate, unjust, non-enforced or non-existent legal conditions to address the threats this triad creates, we will continue to see health and HIV disparities amongst our communities.

We encourage civil society from African and Black Diaspora and Migrant communities to share their personal stories on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to be visible in the conversation and illustrate the numerous ways we overcome discrimination everyday.

CLICK HERE for more information on the UNAIDS campaign!

2016 African Black Diaspora Global Network Financial support for this initiative was made available by Core Funding - 2013153 from the Consortium of MSM and Transgender Networks by the Robert Carr civil society Networks Fund